Influenced by twig toothbrushes, Umar Ahmed launched a bamboo brush firm

Umar Ahmed flashes pearly white tooth each time he smiles. 

Escalating up in Somalia, Umar did not go to the dentist. He brushed his teeth with a miswak twig, a excess fat stick somewhere around the duration of a plastic toothbrush. The twigs develop on Salvadora persica trees native to India, the Center East, and Africa that are generally recognized as toothbrush trees. 

When Umar moved to the United States at age 16, dentists complimented his fantastic enamel. 

“Whenever I go to the dentist, they say, ‘Hey, Umar, your gums are nutritious and almost everything looks fantastic. What do you use to brush your tooth?’ And I say, ‘Only miswak,’ ” claimed Umar, 41, who however works by using miswak.