Kitten foods and nourishment: Listed here is the full manual to follow for your kitten’s feeding timetable

Your kitten is a actual carnivore, just like its massive cat relatives. Their digestive process, tongue, and teeth are all created for meat usage. For that reason, it’s vital to get their food stuff just perfect in purchase to accommodate their organic dietary requirements.

Your kitten wants a entire equilibrium of vitamins and minerals and a large amount of protein mainly because it is a carnivore. Also, owing to their fast development, kittens need different amounts of several minerals than grownup cats, which includes the right stability of calcium and phosphorus. Your kitten requires a nutritionally balanced and complete food with protein, important fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fibre. In the wild, massive cats know just what they will need to eat. By feeding your kitten the right foods at the appropriate occasions, you will be supporting their natural instincts as a carnivore and solitary hunter.

Starting off correct


You have correctly forged your vote

For the initially 4–5 weeks of its lifetime, your kitten will get all they want from its mother. They will normally be
weaned by 7 months, but even from week 4, you can get them employed to ingesting a specially geared up foods like Whiskas Hen in Gravy wet kitten food items or Whiskas Tuna in Jelly damp kitten meals.


Significant appetite, smaller tummy
Although your adorable kitten could be minimal, it will develop 15 moments additional immediately than a human infant! They are not able to consume substantially at after because of to their tiny starting off tummy, which is the measurement of your thumbnail. For this cause, it’s important to give your kitten little foods frequently—up to 6 occasions a day at 1st. In the commencing, try laying the foodstuff out on a dish for them to just lick and style.


Kitten-to-cat parts

Kittens really should be capable to totally consume and consume on their very own by the time they are 8 months old. At this place, you can commence supplying out dry food, though soaking it in a couple of tablespoons of warm drinking water may well make the transition a lot easier. The majority of 8-12 -7 days-aged kittens weigh close to 800 grams to 1.2 kgs and commonly consume 180-220 Kcals for each kg body bodyweight. You can consider Whiskas Junior Ocean Fish with milk dry food stuff or Whiskas Mackerel flavour dry foodstuff.


Drinking water

Your kitten has a tremendous-sensitive nose and tongue that simply picks up unfamiliar chemical smells. That is why they might favor consuming from puddles (or even the bathroom) somewhat than their water bowl. To stimulate your kitten to consume far more, position their drinking water bowl in a peaceful spot away from their litter tray. But if their unusual
drinking habits continue on, really do not get worried – it is flawlessly regular!


Retain a feeding timetable

7 days 1 to 3 – Mother’s milk

Week 4 to 5 – Wet kitten food stuff + Mother’s milk

7 days 6 – Wet kitten meals or dry kitten food items (combined with water)

Week 7 to 8 – Dry kitten food stuff (can be devoid of drinking water)


A shiny coat, brilliant eyes, and supple muscle mass tone are all very good signals your kitten is nutritionally healthy. If you feed them well balanced food stuff which is ideal for just about every stage of their lifestyle, you’ll before long see it is mirrored in their physical appearance.

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